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Don't Fear a Power Outage in Stevensville, Missoula, Hamilton, and Ravalli County, MT

When the power goes out, don't reach for the candles or run to grab the flashlight. Just sit back and wait for your battery backup system to turn your power back on.

Remote Power Systems can install lithium-ion and Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries that keep your home's power supply up and running. These high-efficiency batteries work with your electrical panel or generator to ensure you have power when the grid goes dark.

Contact us in to learn more about the benefits of a backup lithium-ion battery for your home or business in Stevensville, Missoula, Hamilton, or Ravalli County, MT

Don't go an hour without power

Electrical panel battery backup can provide peace of mind. You'll know it will keep your home or office up and running during a power outage. Battery backup is a smart option because of its:
  • Eco-friendly energy - Backup batteries are environmentally friendly and leave a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Customizable power -Instead of powering rooms you don't need, you can use a critical loads panel in conjunction with your battery system to power certain rooms or appliances.
  • Longer life span - Running off of solar power, a lithium-ion battery system can efficiently supply power and are resilient, being able to recharge via solar. A lithium-ion battery not only lasts longer, but it also powers more efficiently. They can be recharged when needed, reducing replacement costs.
Get a reliable battery backup for your home. Call 406-552-5260 today.